Boutique International Executive Search and Recruiting

From our Ottawa base-camp, PMI provide executive recruiting services across three major markets: Technology/IT, Construction & Engineering and Commercial Real Estate.  We work primarily with search committees composed of CEOs, Owners, senior executives and strategic human resource professionals to execute well defined projects to attract the best talent.

In these ultra-competitive global markets the top people who have the talent you crave are already employed — can take their pick of top opportunities — and will only make a career move if the opportunity is compelling.  A global shortage of leaders is driving organizations to be aggressive to obtain the best.  In this talent-hungry environment, recruiting has changed: the days of passive resume-collecting are over.

Executive Recruiting is an Exacting Science

Your requirement for people with tenacity, real talent and dogged determination can only be satisfied by using a recruiter who can also bring those qualities to your executive search. Your recruiter needs to be your success partner; someone willing to search the world, cold call prospective candidates, get their attention, raise your proposition above the background noise, keep at it tenaciously for however long it takes — weeks or months — and be intelligent enough to present your offer in creative lights until the persuasion works.

There are many organizations which will run an ad campaign and collect resumes for you. And, there are a few which will phone around for a couple of days. But there is only one that has a track record of learning what you need, applying a values-based system to your executive search, and not stopping until the right person — your person – is obtained and that company is Perry-Martel International.

Perry-Martel International Inc., is in the business of recruiting talent for the most innovative and strategic technology enterprises on earth,  should you be interested in exploring how we might be able to work together call (613) 236-6995 and ask for either Anita  or David.