Every executive search needs a plan. Thankfully, we’ve got a SMART one…

Perry-Martel clients consistently achieve a robust Return On Investment on their recruiting projects.  Greater EBITDA is only one benefit of using our S.M.A.R.T. Search Process. SMART is a major component of the Inside-Out Approach™ which integrates a combination of requirements workshop, interview and evaluation training, with specific guerrilla marketing and candidate engagement techniques to ensure the precise individual you want is attracted.

Our process begins with us engaging with your Search Committee early in the process, so we can help clearly define your requirements. A high-quality result begins with well-defined requirements, and our process emphasizes spending the necessary time for a thorough analysis.  Our approach goes well beyond networking and provides the most complete view of the candidate universe through active collaboration across North America, industry specialization, and in-house resources.

SWOT Analysis: Figure 3.3 “Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition” {Wiley; Perry, David, Haluska, Mark, 2016}

1. Needs Analysis

The initial search strategy is an extremely important component of the search, because it often determines success. Our process includes spending dedicated time with your Search Committee early in the process to clearly define your requirements, agree on a successful search strategy, craft a Candidate Road Map and write a compelling position profile.

Your Search Committee’s up-front involvement will include a time investment of approximately two hours, as follows:

a. Initial Requirements Session
• High-level requirements
• Identifying hiring team

b. Knowledge-Value Profiling Workshop
• Develop comprehensive requirements
• Develop sourcing strategy
• Identify timeline and responsibilities
• Build consensus with hiring team

2. Research Process

If your company was a professional sports franchise, then we’d be your scouting department built on high-end analytics: we research the industry to uncover impact players able to transform and elevate your organization. We’ll research articles and publications. Work company databases. Peel back company web pages. Conduct competitive intelligence. Research information on individuals from companies and organizations that directly relate to this search. Our researchers will find individuals who aren’t necessarily obvious, but who can help take you to the top of the standings.

SMART Search

Executive Talent Pool: Figure 1.1 “Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition” {Wiley; Perry, David, Haluska, Mark, 2016}

3. Short List, Recruit, and Interview

The moment we start a search we leverage members of the extended partner body (a network of executive search professionals across America) who have conducted similar searches. Through this collaborative approach, we can assess an early slate of hot candidates to benchmark against.

We also conduct in-depth interviews with viable candidates, which allow us to conduct a thorough assessment of each candidate. We remain in regular communication with you throughout the process, providing detailed written reports on each candidate.

4. Reference Checking

We informally reference all candidates before they’re presented – another part of our process that distinguishes us from other firms. Our goal is to ensure your time is spent interviewing only exceptional candidates. That way,  the key differentiators become personal chemistry and fit.

Our class-of-the-industry reference process has discovered things most people couldn’t, and many things would-be candidates wished we hadn’t. We’d much rather admit we’re pursuing the wrong candidate than make a costly mistake. And since we’ve replaced just two people out of more than 1,000 searches, we’d say this thoroughness has served our clients well.

Perry-Martel’s standard reference check has sixty-two questions covering the ten need-to-know areas of a candidate’s background, including leadership attributes, sales skills and character.

5. Offer Negotiation

We recommend some of the more delicate issues regarding compensation and negotiation be communicated through us. It’s always important to remember this is a major life decision  for the candidate, particularly if it requires relocation, and it can be very difficult. We’ll help negotiate terms of agreement satisfactory to both you and your chosen candidate. We’ll also follow up with and notify all the candidates who were not selected.

6. On-boarding and 1-Year Guarantee

The last step in the process is onboarding. Throughout your candidate’s first year with you, we perform on-going follow-up to assure a smooth transition and that their performance meets your expectations. This process ensures an alignment of client and candidate expectations.