We’ve come up with the perfect formula for fast and effective executive recruiting with you in mind

Perry-Martel is a new breed of retained executive search consultancy with an innovative, client-focused model optimized for speed, accountability and quality. As a client you’ll benefit from a faster, easier, and more reliable search process, which provides exactly what you want – exceptional and timely results.

We Deliver Results – No Excuses – Guaranteed


Perry-Martel Hiring Greatness book

Perry-Martel’s Fixed-Time/Success-Fee pricing is but one advantage in choosing us, yet on its own sets us apart from every other recruiting solution in the market. Unlike traditional search firms that require you — the client — to bear all the risk, Perry-Martel is the only retained search firm that shares your risk and success by tying more than half of our fees to the timely completion of your assignment.

When it comes to your next search project, we make sure we’ve got skin in the game. This risk-sharing approach eliminates the need for less effective contingency agencies, as well as traditional retained firms which are completely unaccountable for their results. Instead, Perry-Martel is your strategic partner that’s invested in the successful and timely completion of your project.

Knowledge Value™ Methodology

The proprietary Knowledge Value™ Methodology is a scientific approach to identifying the best candidate in a rapid manner. Our methodology features workshops on developing candidate requirements and evaluation criteria, as well as interview training for the internal hiring team.

Our model delivers:

  • Speed — The Inside-Out Approach® combines our dedicated client and sourcing teams with a proven methodology which makes our aim of completing each assignment on time, a reality.
  • Quality — The Knowledge-Value™ Methodology sets expectations, pinpoints the ideal candidate profile, and features interviewing and evaluation workshops which ensure the best candidate is identified and hired.
  • Accountability — The Fixed-Time/Success Fees™ structure ties more than 50 per cent of our fee to the timing of the completion of the assignment. This innovative, first-of-its-kind model limits your initial investment and assures we’re financially committed to your success.
  • Security – Our One-Year Guarantee is underpinned by the most comprehensive reference check process in the industry, and a team-focus Leadership Skills profiling process.

Get-It-Done Attitude

A comprehensive methodology coupled with a get-it-done attitude was the catalyst for our relationship with CATAAlliance – making Perry-Martel the only search firm endorsed and actively promoted by Canada’s foremost high technology association.