An Executive Recruiter is Your “Gladiator” in Today’s Hiring Arena

In the old days (2-3 years ago), a talent search was like a two-dimensional board game. It allowed a company a leisured amount of time to send out requests for resumes, which could then be judged along a price/performance set of axis. It allowed for a precise, two dimensional grid, and a search process so structured and simple that judgments could be handled by a corporate HR. Department’s less skilled staff.

Now, the world moves in three dimensions, at a speed more resembling a video game. It’s Zap or get Zapped, in a real time. In such a fast-paced dogfight, you need to define your missions very carefully: no wasted energy, no blurred vision. The right people are even more important to find than ever before.

  • You need a team of people who think in three dimensions; nothing else will do.
  • You need a recruiter who will be your success partner, who can think in terms of a fast-action, complex world.

Perry-Martel’s methodology is based on a “value grid”. The grid identifies the value that a candidate can bring to your company, and then matches the candidate’s value-systems to your own requirements, to ensure a perfect fit.  We apply, in fact, three measures or axis to deliver a successful skill-set to your company. There are three dimensions of human value that work as a framework, whether you’re hiring or being hired.

The three dimensions to recruit talent, by assessing the value of an individual’s contribution are:


Know what value contribution your company needs — what’s important.  How do you evaluate the worth of someone’s contribution; this is often confused with salary levels.
SIGHT of VALUE Find what’s important.  Where can you find exactly those important values, and proactively reach in and get a particular person?
FLIGHT of VALUE Get what’s important.  How can you attract that talent to land in your company?

Working with Perry-Martel’s Inside-Out Approach organizations are able to find the very best, engage their interest, hire them, and ensure they stick around.  So if you are looking for a top-flight executive or individual key contributor who will help  your company soar higher, we encourage you to introduce yourself to us.  Get acquainted with our results driven executive search and selection system and let’s talk.

Comparing Perry-Martel International’s approach to others, is the best strategic action you can take.