The Partners

David Perry
David PerryManaging Partner & Founder
A well-known name in executive search circles, and with over 30 years of work as an executive recruiter under his belt, David has personally closed more than 1000 searches with a near perfect success rate, and negotiated in excess of $380M in salaries. His creative recruiting principles led to him being nicknamed the ‘Rogue Recruiter’ by The Wall Street Journal. He’s also the author/co-author of seven books on executive recruiting and job search. Learn More About David Perry
Anita Martel
Anita MartelPartner & Founder
Through her 30-plus year career Anita has focused on program development and project management, as well as education and counseling, within the academic, human resource, and addiction fields. She’s also an author and contributing co-author of two books on job search. Learn More About Anita Martel

Our Researchers

Search Research Re-imagined

Our researchers mastered competitive intelligence decades age and kept innovating.  For example, while many people consider Fantasy Football to be ‘just a game’, supporters spend real money as well as their own time looking for that edge by gathering intelligence on their selected players in addition to the information that’s freely available to everyone. In the same vein, search research can help create detailed performance profiles on every executive you should consider – before you even meet him or her. The additional layer of business intelligence facilitates comparing the performance of an identified group against each other as well as against a host of variables including company size, geography, market positioning, brand maturity and even company culture. How valuable is  that?

PeterSoftware/High Tech
RomainReal Estate/Retail
Christine & Chris
Christine & ChrisStart-ups

Several of our researchers have been with us for decades.  Along the way, we’re noticed that exceptional researchers adopt an abundance mind set. They consider every executive to be available, all the time. They don’t limit themselves, except for any hands-off restrictions, to examining only those executives whom are already in their database. Just recruiting the low hanging fruit limits your company’s growth potential. Instead, identify which executives are the best. Set your sights on them. Then go get them!

A robust search research function can create an environment in which you can continuously recruit high performance teams by design.  It’s how you turn your executive recruitment process into an engine for building competitive advantage.