A successful executive search requires you to use a recruitment team at least as exceptional as the executive you’re looking to hire

Perry-Martel International is a boutique executive search firm comprised entirely of senior executive search professionals and research staff who understand what it takes to attract and retain tier-1 talent.  They have dedicated their careers to understanding what drives leaders, inspires employees, and moves organizations down the demanding but rewarding road to success.

Ottawa based and with a global reach across five continents, Perry-Martel work on individual search assignments as well as team building projects.  They guarantee Extraordinary Executive Search (E.E.S.) Passionate about their craft they have always outperformed their mission. Perry-Martel makes the E.E.S. Guarantee because they created a unique, values-based, results-driven executive search system which finds the perfect executive every time.

Perry-Martel’s three-dimensional Values-Based Executive Search System has been developed exclusively to meet the needs of bold, aspiring leaders in knowledge-based fields. They’ve consistently found the positions which their clients want filled push the envelope of career titles and job requirements. That’s because in the fast-changing world of knowledge workers, the first place where new roles and activities are defined — high tech was the birthing ground of the new knowledge worker, and it’s the industry for which they first created Extraordinary Executive Search.

The Inside-Out Approach™

Over the decades, David and Anita refined the E.E.S., and developed the Inside-Out Approach™ because their clients needed to go beyond traditional executive search practices.  The Return on Investment for every project is built in and measured.  The ROI has always more than covered the full cost of a project and Perry-Martel has the references and case studies to back up this claim.

Company leaders trust Perry-Martel because we bring an extraordinary level of experience and commitment to every project.  We’ve been described as ‘zealots’ by clients and we’re okay with that because it’s true.  We put our reputation on the line and skin in the game, every time.
– David Perry

To find out more about their people, what they do and how they do it,  keep reading. Boldly said, comparing Perry-Martel International’s methodology with others is a strategic action worthy of your time.  If you’re looking for a top-flight executive or key contributor to help make your company soar, they encourage you to introduce yourself and get acquainted with their Inside-Out Approach™.

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