Think about anyone you know who is incredibly successful. Do these people do everything themselves? Do they do it all by themselves?

Take this century’s best known author, J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books. She writes the books, but does she do all the legal work, all the marketing, distribution, printing, advertising and public relations?

No of course not.

She has assembled a “success team”.

J.K. Rowling’s people are experts in their chosen fields. They are probably amongst the best in the world. They are people she trusts implicitly to do the job, with her best interests at heart.  And while she may trust these people, she doesn’t just leave them running her empire. She checks in on them, works with them, and keeps an eye on their running of her business.

Every successful person you can think of will have a success team around them.

You too need to form your own success team in whatever venture you choose. Whether it is lawyers, accountants, advisers, mentors or experts, it is vital that you have a team around you.

Quite simply, you can’t do everything yourself. There is no way you can have the level of expertise you need to succeed in all areas your life.

J.K. Rowling spends her time focusing on what makes her money and what she loves, writing. She leaves all the accounting, legal, advertising and everything else to her team of advisers. This leaves her time to do what she is best at, writing books.

  • How long would it take her to become an expert accountant and to keep up with the tax laws?
  • How long would it take her to become an expert lawyer and keep up with the changes in legislation?

By picking a team of advisers to help you and guide you, you give yourself time to focus on your area of specialty.  Today, more and more successful business leaders are partnering with executive search and consulting firms for this very reason.

So what should you look for in your success team?

Someone who:

  1. Has an excellent track record in their field of expertise
  2. Has excellent references which you can verify
  3. You feel a connection to and are comfortable with
  4. Integrates well with the rest of your team; and
  5. Is dedicated to keeping up to date with their professional education

Where would you find your success team?

The best way is to find them through personal recommendations. Look at other successful people in your field and who is advising them.

Look through the Yellow Pages (you now they still exists – right), call people on the phone and interview them. That’s right, you interview them to see if they are good enough to work with you. Before you see them, create a list of questions you want to ask them.  Do you connect?  What’s you ‘gut’ feel?  Now check the references they give you AND ask those references who else you should be talking to.

A success team isn’t just lawyers and accountants, it could also be your “cheer-leading” squad. This is friends, family and colleagues who support you and believe in what you are doing. It’s much better to have them around you than naysayers who will drag you down and try to stop you from succeeding. Discard them and get your own set of cheerleaders.

Surrounding yourself with a success team will give you the opportunity to focus on what you do best for yourself and your business. Your success team can focus on what they do best, freeing up your time and efforts to become even more successful.