Rock Star Recruiting: Only For Organizations That Want to Do it Correctly the First Time

Executive Recruiting Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is must know information if you want to be a Rock Star Recruiter and consistently hire Tier-1 Executive Talent no matter the market.  

  1. Hiring a new leader can make or break your company.
  2. The candidates you’re looking to hire aren’t looking for you. They already have jobs—almost certainly, good jobs.
  3. To find the best talent available, and not just the best talent looking for work, you need to look at executive search differently.
  4. A prospect’s fit with your company culture is just as important as what’s on their CV.
  5. A good executive search isn’t just about the hire, but also the long-term value it brings to an organization.
  6. Having the right people in the right roles—and following the right processes—can mean the difference between success and failure in an executive search.
  7. The ultimate hiring authority—typically, the CEO—shouldn’t actually be leading the search.
  8. Forming a balanced search committee, and appointing a search chair, is critical to your overall success.
  9. To engage and extract maximum value from an executive search firm, you need to know what types of searches to avoid – and why.
  10. Most large-scale executive search firms don’t actually have the extensive reach you might think.
  11. Before you can hire well, you need to “know thyself” and what you want and need as an organization.
  12. You can’t give proper guidance to an executive search firm until you truly understand your business.

So how did you do?  Are you a Rock Star when it comes to recruiting? Inquiring minds want to know…

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