Hiring Greatness: Do a Recruitment Reality Check

Most decisions a business makes are small.  A single sale, choice or interaction doesn’t add that much value for a small business owner, or damage it much if it goes wrong.  Hiring an executive is different.  They can make or break an organization. Hire a star and you win because they will unleash a tsunami of innovation, empower employees and generate wealth for the owner.  Hire the wrong person on the other hand and you risk much more than short-term turmoil; a bad hire may, in fact, mortally would a small business.

For every small business owner, a lot rides on hiring the right executives and the risks are now higher than ever.   Here is one from Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition which will you hire top executives:

Do a Recruitment Reality Check

Your challenge is to give top executives a compelling reason to join your company, and a compelling reason to stay.  In this highly competitive climate, consider the following “Recruitment Reality Check” before launching your next recruiting assignment:

  1. Does your company have a captivating “story” that will appeal to the best and the brightest executives?
  2. Does your “seasoned” executive team inspire confidence?
  3. Is your hiring process streamlined so that you can move quickly when qualified and interested candidates are found?
  4. Are you willing to make trade-offs in the requirements of the position if the recruiting process reveals that you can’t find or attract what you had hoped for?
  5. Ask yourself, “If I were in their place, would I accept this job?