Hiring Greatness has likely always been the underlying goal of most sane companies.

Most companies probably thought they were doing that.

But the incredibly high rate of failure shows that they didn’t understand ‘why’ they were losing more often than winning.

Obviously they failed because they failed to adequately contemplate/understand/define all of the unique environments the C-Suite leadership would be operating within…i.e. the global/national economic influences; industry/market drivers; internal corporate political dynamic; core competences and requirements of the executive dream team…the list goes on.

Finding the perfect fit to any C-Suite puzzle piece takes incredible thought, vision, experience, objectivity, savvy, humility, courage, etc. And, at the meteoric global pace of change, in terms of aligning executive talent to corporate/market needs, you are shooting at where the target ‘will be’, not where it currently is….you must guess correctly, move fast and adapt quickly…drawing upon an ever-changing and eclectic array of skills from your supporting Success Team.

That takes more than just hiring talent…it takes a macro and micro perspective and a fully mapped-out plan that delivers THE answer…factoring in all the aforementioned variables…the answer will be unique to each individual company…

It’s certainly not easy…and the consequences can be either legendary or deadly…like any profession, experience that yields success stems from the seasoned ability to understand the present and forecast the future…the ability to not simply ‘spot’ talent, but more accurately, the ability to find, entice and retain the precise Dream Team to suit the environment it will be operating within…and choreograph the revolving skills of the C-Suite team to meet demands of the volatile business climate..those highly-specialized skills of assessment go beyond the core competency that most companies have in-house…

Perry-Martel have developed that expertise…sharing a portion of that expertise in Hiring Greatness and Executive Recruiting for Dummies… but we don’t just recommend hiring greatness as a strategy, we have DONE it, we have developed a new way to look at recruitment, and are sharing it…however, like any high-precision maneuver, the driver is key to results…at this level of consequence, this is no place for amateurs or the timid. There are powerful obstacles to overcome.

Hiring greatness requires objectivity…it is common for Board’s (and/or C-Team’s) to lack the ability to candidly ‘self assess’ its own weaknesses and/or suitability to the times…that is a major stumbling block…it is impossible to forecast and attract the future talent needed if a Board and/or C-Suite team can’t/won’t acknowledge it’s own deficiencies in terms of future market requirements..it is critical that appropriate succession planning continues to supply the needed flow of new Board members who can keep pace with the changing business climate…it is often difficult for internal corporate resources to point out Board/C-Suite deficiencies…executive search professionals can bridge those gaps to help an organization design its  Kobayashi Maru.