Hiring Greatness: It’s a Seller’s Market.

It’s a Seller’s Market for Top People – Everyday.

Most decisions a business makes are small.  A single sale, choice or interaction doesn’t add that much value for a small business owner, or damage it much if it goes wrong.  Hiring an executive is different.  They can make or break an organization. Hire a star and you win because they will unleash a tsunami of innovation, empower employees and generate wealth for the owner.  Hire the wrong person on the other hand and you risk much more than short-term turmoil; a bad hire may, in fact, mortally wound a small business.

For every small business owner, a lot rides on hiring the right executives and the risks are now higher than ever.   Here is one from Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition which will you hire top executives:

Competing in a Seller’s Market or Candidate Market.

The best executives, the ones you’re looking to hire aren’t looking for you. They already have jobs — almost certainly, good jobs and they’re not surfing for jobs online.  The industry’s best and brightest are rarely, if ever, actively looking.   As a small business owner you want to find the best talent available, and not just the best talent looking for work.  Build your team by skillfully targeting employees who work for your competitors.  Establish a dedicated crack-team of your best people to court them.  When faced with a Seller’s Market Create the best way to win is to use a rigorous interview process designed to get to know the executive and reveal details about your business in a systematic and methodical process.