Honored to be interviewed by Jeff Hyman, author of Recruit Rockstars for his book launch which is today.  Listen to the podcast here:

Tired of Rockstar Rejections? Here’s How to Get “Yes!” Everytime


Let’s get real. It’s a buyer’s market. And you’re not the buyer.

The candidate is. With 4.3% unemployment (actually, 2% amongst college-educated knowledge workers), the war for talent is underway.

And you have to fight like hell to land the best talent. I call ’em Rockstars… the top 5% in any given category. I’ve received my fair share of rejections over time. It comes with the territory, being in executive search for 25 years. So I sought out an expert who could set us straight.

Based in Ontario, David Perry is a fellow executive recruiter. Managing Partner & Founder of Perry-Martel, he’s been doing it for 3 decades. He’s also a fellow author, of the wonderful “Hiring Greatness.” In this 20-minute interview, David reveals how to seal the deal. How to close even the most hesitant candidate. He explains why addressing the intrinsic needs of the candidate must come first … Even Before Compensation! If you hope to have a chance of recruiting Rockstars in 2018, you can’t miss this episode.