Leverage Your Manning Factor

Most decisions a business makes are small.  A single sale, choice or interaction doesn’t add that much value for a small business owner, or damage it much if it goes wrong.  Hiring an executive is different.  They can make or break an organization. Hire a star and you win because they will unleash a tsunami of innovation, empower employees and generate wealth for the owner.  Hire the wrong person on the other hand and you risk much more than short-term turmoil; a bad hire may, in fact, mortally would a small business.

For every small business owner, a lot rides on hiring the right executives and the risks are now higher than ever.   Here is one from Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competition which will you hire top executives:

Leverage your “Manning Factor”

Go out of your way to speak at trade shows or the local chamber of commerce, and to write opinion pieces for trade publications.  It’s a well known fact that the most admired business owners get a steady stream of unsolicited resumes all the time. Everyone wants to play on Peyton Manning’s team and if football isn’t your bag then Danica Patrick!  The point is for you to be one of them – if you aren’t already.    Build your personal brand and that of your business.  Cultivate positive impressions.  The fastest way to build your business is to have the top executives believing “the grass is greener” on your side and that you personally can help them get into the “Super Bowl” and win.  It’s also a nice plus when you’re negotiating compensation: mint and deal out your own “psychic cash”. So, leverage your Manning Factor