Perry-Martel International is a retained executive search firm working to serve its clients through specific, and specifically-accountable, projects. We have several distinctive qualities which we bring into play for our clients to provide Extraordinary Executive Search:

1. One-Year Guarantee — Recruiting key executive talent can be a difficult, time-consuming, frustrating and yet rewarding endeavor for any manager. PMI removes your risk, by guaranteeing any individual recruited during an executive search for one year.

2. The Value-Based Executive Search System—this is a method of knowing, locating and obtaining the exact talent required for your operation, based on the knowledge value that you are looking for in a candidate. This executive search process brings together the science of research and sourcing, augmented by the skills and experience involved in recruiting, evaluating and closing an executive search project.

3. Urgency — Our Extraordinary Executive Search

[EES] is a personalized service, with a built-in sense of urgency. We understand the pressures you are working under, from our own knowledge of the high-tech sector.

Extraordinary Executive Search

4. Fixed-Time/Success-FeeSM pricing is one advantage in choosing Perry-Martel and sets us apart from other solutions. Unlike traditional executive search firms that require you, the client, to bear all the risk, Perry-Martel is the only retained executive search firm that shares in your risk and success by tying more than half of our fees to the timely completion of your assignment.

We believe that the “full retainer — no contingency” fee system of many executive search firms does not provide the proper incentive to the search firm to effectively complete the project once two-thirds of the fee has been paid. Likewise the “no retainer — full contingency” system seldom results in a quality executive search because assignment turnover and not client service, becomes the firm’s principle concern.

Our Fixed-Time/Success-FeeSM structure ties more than 65% of our fee to the timing of the completion of the assignment. This innovative first-of-a-kind model limits your initial investment and gives you the assurance that we are financially committed to your success.

By providing a risk-sharing approach, we have eliminated the need for less effective contingency firms and traditional retained frims that are unaccountable for results. You have a strategic executive search partner that is invested in the successful and timely completion of your project.

Since our compensation is not commission-based, our objectivity is guaranteed, as we have no bias towards advocating the highest-paid candidate. As a result, our interest is focused solely on finding the best qualified, highest value candidate for your executive search.

In summary:

  • You are guaranteed that we are interested in finding the right candidate, not the highest paid.
  • You are guaranteed that costs are accountable, and controllable.
  • We are aggressive but we don’t cut corners on quality.

5. Exemplary Skills — We are experts in the skills required for a value-based knowledge-worker search. All of our consultants and researchers have worked in high technology, and have direct experience from high-tech environments. We thoroughly understand the problems and challenges of operating and leading a high-tech business. We can serve as credible advocates for our clients to your candidates, and we can serve as advisers in conducting searches and appraisals.

6. Personal Commitment — Because we guarantee our work, we put ourselves into every project with personal passion. We want to be successful for you, because your future prosperity is our future prosperity!

Executive Search — in Practice

7. Teamwork — With no commissions or contingencies in our fee structure there are no barriers to collaboration between consultants and researchers. Accordingly, our clients can be assured that the resources and knowledge of the entire firm are focused on swift execution and successful completion of the project.

8. Global Boutique — We offer you all the benefits of a large firm: global coverage, and access to the most attractive candidates and knowledgeable sources. At the same time, we put the most desirable attributes of a boutique at your service: personal commitment and staff continuity, where the same consultant you felt confident in retaining at the front end, will successfully finish the job for you –and will be ready for your next job, when you grow!

In his book, Good to Great , Jim Collins‘ made the connection between good recruiting and selection decisions and their affect on your company’s bottom-line. We know you understand that and Perry-Martel show you exactly how to maximize your efforts for executive search projects