The “Recruiting Hall of Fame”

I don’t follow lists – mostly because the list writers always make it about them.  Tons of people claim to be experts in executive recruiting or talent management — but of course they’re not. Really, there are only a few worth following and these are the eight who made it into the book, Executive Recruiting for Dummies.

Here is a list of top people in North America:

  1. Peter Clayton: Peter is the award-winning founder, producer, and host of Total Picture Radio, the first podcast focused on HR, recruiting, leadership, innovation, and career management. Clayton also covers important conferences and events in HR, recruiting, leadership, and innovation, and serves on the Awareness and Branding Committee for the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards Council.
  2. Jim Durbin: Think of Jim Durbin as the recruiting industry’s Seth Godin. Nicknamed the “social media headhunter,” his core competency is working with digital natives in marketing and technology. He understands how employees react to change, giving him the ability to strategize and execute sound hiring decisions across multiple industries.
  3. Michael Kelemen and Jerry Albright: Michael and Jerry co-host The Recruiting Animal, a weekly podcast on recruiting. This podcast is not for the faint of heart. These guys aren’t afraid to call bull during their discussion, and they tend to raise a ruckus when guests try to duck a question. But they’re spot on, and the after-show discussion — often involving hundreds of recruiters around the world — is chock-full of insight.
  4. Peter Leffkowitz: If you’re looking to transform a corporate talent acquisition division into a highly productive internal SWAT team of recruiters, then Peter is your guy. Since 1986, he has developed and guided the largest training and consulting company in the staffing industry: Morgan Consulting Group.  Yeah here i’m biased because I was in one of his first classes and then kept coming back for more and more…
  5. Janette Levey Frisch: A labor lawyer, Janette pens an informative blog called The EmpLAWyerologist to help you stay ahead of changes to employment law — and out of court. She’s not just an expert on the law when it comes to recruiting, however. Her candid advice can significantly minimize your chances of facing lawsuits, government audits, and worker disputes.
  6. Gary Stauble: Seasoned executive recruiters frequently consult with Gary to increase their production. He is a time management and productivity strategist for entrepreneurs and recruiting professionals “who want to work smart and live large.” His company, The Recruiting Lab, provides training, tools, and support to help solo recruiters create a reliable foundation for their business.
  7. John Sumser: A true industry insider and thought leader, John hosts a popular podcast, HR Tech Weekly, accessible from HR Examiner. For John, people are the story — the leaders who transform HR into a thriving business contributor. His scope of observation spans technology and behavior, and his 25 years in the space is unrivaled.
  8. Rayanne Thorn: A branding and marketing executive in the HR and recruiting technology space, Rayanne Thorn hosts HR Latte, a quick-hit podcast centered on business, HR, and recruiting. Thorn interviews industry innovators and experts who take recruiting and HR to the next level, covering such diverse topics as new tech, data and analytics, mobile and social comms, unconscious bias, bullying in the workplace, leadership, and so much more.