Top 10 Reasons to use Perry-Martel International for Your Next Leadership Search 

10. You Deserve a Performance Based Approach to Executive Recruiting

For years the recruiting industry has failed to focus on clients and has offered limited choices. Little has changed in the last 30 years in either the contingency or retained search models – all the risk remains on clients – until now.  Perry-Martel pioneered a new model which shares in the risk with our clients and rewards synergy, co-operation and performance. You can read more in Perry-Martel’s Inside-Out Approach

9. We Will Train You on the Most Effective Interview Techniques

People are obviously more important than PCs. Yet most companies spend more time evaluating a lease on a PC than evaluating the person operating the PC. At Perry-Martel, we provide all of our clients an interviewing and evaluation workshop that teaches you how to approach interviewing strategically, based on Managing Partner David Perry’s latest books Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream  Team and  Crush the Competition and Executive Recruiting for Dummies.

8. We Drive the Process

Ever hire a recruiting firm and never hear from them again after the check clears? At Perry-Martel, you will have an experienced industry  veteran as your Client Partner who manages your search with project discipline – in fact you’ll always have two partners – no other major search firm in America does this.  We’re driving the bus so you don’t have to. Regularly scheduled status meetings and reports happen on a weekly basis.

7. We have Built a Direct Sourcing Engine

It is no secret that the best candidates are too busy to have their resume floating around – even the largest job related social networking sites, like LinkedIn, represent a tiny portion of the talent in America.   Thus, the key to a successful search is original research and direct sourcing.  At Perry-Martel, we have a strong research team dedicated solely to finding the best prospects for your opportunity…. and then turning them into interested passive candidates

6. We’ve Walked In Your Shoes

We are senior executives hiring professionals. Our Partners have walked in your  shoes.  Our experience eliminates the typical recruiter’s learning curve and allowing us to quickly add value.

5. We Are Purpose-Built

We make bold commitments. We are the only executive recruiting firm that makes specific commitment in the number of days, number of candidates and amount of our fees when executing a search. Our competition doesn’t understand, nor can they easily replicate that commitment. Our organization is “purpose-built” with a different organizational model to deliver quality talent and measurable results.

4. All Requirements Are Not The Same

Every recruiting company will tell you they define requirements.  However, few will spend the time necessary to define clear requirements up front. Through our workshops, we define the position’s technical and functional requirements, the skills and experience necessary for success, and the personality and behavioral traits that support team chemistry and determine organizational fit. These requirements are combined in a Candidate Road-map  used to build consensus and make sure the candidates we present will not waste your time or theirs.

3. We Stand Behind Our Work

We believe an educated hiring team is our best customer. Thus, through our requirements workshop, our interview and evaluation training and our Client Management process, we ensure the hiring team has all the tools needed to make an accurate hiring decision. We are so confident in our processes and approach that we give an unprecedented one-year placement guarantee” on our candidates.

2. We Eliminate Your Cost Of Vacancy

Misunderstood and mismanaged, the cost of vacancy in a leadership position is significant. Not only are plans delayed and decisions deferred, but the competition has an unfair advantage with your clients. We aim to complete every search within 45 to 60 days. This focus on speed is not just marketing-speak. Through our Fixed-Time/Success-Fee  model, we tie our fees to making that a reality!

1. We Are ACCOUNTABLE to You

We are changing the recruiting industry by bringing a new client-focused model which shares in the risk with our clients. We are the only retained search consultancy that will make specific commitments to timing of the search and to the number of candidates available to interview. And we are accountable to those dates through our Fixedtime/ Success Fee, risk-sharing pricing model.

There are approximately 157,932 head-hunters in the USA today but only one was asked to co-author “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0” because of his in depth knowledge of the recruitment and selection function – AND David Perry works with us.

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